Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature Golf-Schuh Damen | white-black, pure platinum EU 42

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Nike Infinity Ace Next Nature Women’s Golf Shoes Your game and swing can’t be pigeonholed into 1 box. The all-new Infinity Ace supports your individuality, the inner independence that allows you to go for the green when the book says go for a layup. With supersoft cushioning around sensitive areas, like the ankle and midfoot, it’s a shoe that’s ready for 18. Swing with Force Dynamic internal support saddle helps keep you strong and steady when swinging with power. Fresh and Cool Lightweight mesh provides breathability and helps keep you cool and refreshed over the course of a round or more. Connected in all Conditions Data-driven rubber traction helps keep you from slipping and sliding in all sorts of different weather conditions. Stay Secure A lower, swooping collar helps minimize movement around the ankle and offers support and comfort.

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